Monday, November 25, 2013


Special terms or requirements
for Trina Riggott Photography
Black Friday Sale 2013
Limit TWO Black Friday deals per session.  Buy as many special items as you would
 like. But only two specials can be used PER session.

Book your sessions early. I try to accomodate
clients but once all session times are booked, I will not be able to create
extra time to book these special sessions. 

Certificates or Black Friday deals do not hold cash value and your
purchase is not refundable.

Black Friday deals should be used in 2014.  Jan 1, 2015 your certificates will
be transferred to a print credit for the amount spent on the item.  ($200 certificates
 will be transferred to a $100 credit)

Sessions are offered for up to six people.  Additional people will result in
an additional fee. 

Black Friday deals must be paid for between now and Friday, November 
29 at 11:59pm. (If you are pay pal skittish, please let me know if you want to purchase
 a deal before Friday, November 29 at 11:59pm. I will accept checks but payment must be
 arranged BEFORE the sale ends)

All other conditions of paid sessions still apply. (travel fee if outside Athens/Jefferson
 area, $200 minimum purchase required. Black Friday gift cards in the amount of $200 will be
 considered meeting the minimum purchase even though you paid $100 for it.)

To receive images from your 2012 or 2013 session for $150, you must have placed an order prior and met minimum order amount prior to purchase. 

Black Friday deals can not be combined with any other special offer.

Taxes applied at check out.

$200 print credit ($100)

$100 print credit $50

$50 session

$300 session+edited files disk

16x20 canvas ($375 value)

session + 11x14

2012/13 session files

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