Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beautiful Christmas Ornament

Click on the photo to see it larger. It is BEAUTIFUL!

I am excited to offer these beautiful Christmas ornaments just in time for the holiday season.

The ornaments are 4 inches by 2.5 inches. They are a clear crystal except for the beautiful photo captured inside. I will be selling these heirloom pieces this Christmas season for $55 each. So if you have had a session this year or have one booked, please keep these beautiful ornaments in mind. They are a wonderful gift for a family member or for yourself!

The first two people who email me can purchase one of these ornaments for $50. Trust me when I say, you will want one of these!

And don't forget to tell your friends or family about the mini-sessions coming in September. I would really love to book all the sessions out. The $25 referral bucks count for the mini session as well. (referral bucks= if a friend books and pays for a session, you receive a $25 referral fee to be used at your next session for products or session fee. The more friends you refer, the more money you have to spend at your next session, easy peazy! I would be happy to explain this program further if you would like).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Christmas Card/Down Syndrome Awareness sessions

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month. So this year I will be doing sessions on September 20 and September 21 at the Botanical Gardens in Athens, GA to benefit the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta as well as give my wonderful clients an opportunity to order Christmas cards.

Mistletoe $100
$35 session fee
$75 print credit that can be used for desk prints, wall portraits, and storyboards.

Holly $160

$35 session fee
Twenty-five 5x7 or 5x5 Christmas cards with front and back design
$100 print credit to use on desk prints, wall portraits, or storyboards.

Poinsettia $250

$35 session fee
Fifty 5x7 or 5x5 Christmas cards with front and back design
$150 print credit to use on desk prints, wall portraits, or storyboards.

Here are the details.

  1. Sessions will be thirty minutes in length and will yield 6-10 proofs.
  2. You will have a private, password protected gallery that will be available for five days.
  3. The $35 session fee will be donated directly to the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta.
  4. The package price must be paid in full prior to the session. If you must cancel your appointment, I will do my best to reschedule your session as soon as possible before my maternity leave or your package fee, minus $35 session fee/donation, will be turned into a print credit that can be used by your family any time in 2009.
  5. All orders must be submitted to me by October 12 in order to ensure delivery by October 23. Any orders after that time will need to be picked up at my house after November 18.
  6. There will be ten card templates to chose from. You are welcome to customize your message but the cards will remain as is (no color changes or photo orientation changes).
  7. Additional cards will be sold at a discounted rate of $35 per 25 cards. I will also offer you a 15% discount on all desk and wall prints that you order in addition to your package.

Here are the card templates you will choose from: (click on the card to see a detailed version)


Saturday, September 20

Sunday, September 21

Any clients who were photographed this year who are interested in ordering Christmas cards, can do so as well by emailing me the card number and photo number. I will be happy to take orders for cards until October 12 and again after November 18. I will be happy to extend the discounted price of $35 for bundles of 25 cards to you as well. You are welcome to customize your message but colors and such will remain as seen on the sample cards above.

To ensure that all holiday orders are delivered before Christmas December 1 is the last date that orders can be submitted with a promise date of December 22.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A star among us...

Each year for the Buddy Walk sponsored by the National Down Syndrome Society in New York, a large montage is displayed on the Panasonic Astrovision screen in Times Square before the Buddy Walk. I am proud to announce that Chase's photograph was chosen again this year to be displayed in Times Square! (his photograph was used in 2006) I am so excited and so wish I could be in Times Square to see the montage and participate in the Buddy Walk.

The above picture is the one that was chosen and will be displayed. It is one of my favorites and was taken when our family visited the Aquarium in Atlanta this year. I am so excited for Chase and really look forward to seeing the montage. If you are interested in seeing last year's montage, go to

I will be sure to post the 2008 montage when it is up so that you can see our little star!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Handsome fella...

This is a real sneak peek! I have been lagging on my sneak peeks but this session I am actually posting before the gallery is posted online.

I met this young man at the Vines Botanical Gardens near Loganville, GA on Saturday. Those of you who have not visited there, you need to go. It is a beautiful place.

I really enjoyed photographing R. who is a junior this year. I have not had an opportunity to photograph many older kids (or would that be young adults) so I really enjoyed the opportunity. He was so sweet and did did everything I said. I really enjoyed our time together. R., I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

Please don't forget

Don't forget to sign up for your time for the Christmas card/Down Syndrome mini sessions coming in September. See blog post below for details!

Brother, sister love

I met this sweet pair at the Botanical Gardens here in Athens before school started. How beautiful is she and how handsome is he? They were loads of fun and so easy to photograph. S. (the sister) was so sweet with her younger brother O. It was totally her idea to tickle O. to get some great sibling shots.

Thanks C., S., and O. for such a great session! It was so nice to meet you.

Fun family of four!

I am late getting a few sessions up and the families have already gotten their gallery. But, we had so much fun I wanted to share anyway.

This was a very fun session with a very sweet family. All of my animal friends were out at the Athens Botanical Gardens and we were able to see the lizard on the bridge, the rabbits, and other little animal "friends". Both little girls were just adorable and lots of fun to play with. How can take a bad picture of this family?

Here are a few of my favorites.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Something good out of something bad...

I may have emailed a few of you about the new comedy Tropic Thunder directed by Ben Stiller. For those who have not heard about this movie, it is supposed to be an off take on pampered actors who are forced into a "real life" war type scene. But, while trying to make this movie funny, the actors in this movie go way to far (in my opinion) by attacking those people with intellectual disabilities. The movie features Ben Stiller playing a character named Simple Jack who has an intellectual disability. One of the scenes features Robert Downy Jr telling Ben Stiller that he should never go "full retard". Another scene is Matthew McConnaughey talking to Ben Stiller and telling him that adoption was best because you can choose your child unlike him who was stuck with his. Then the camera pans to a photograph of a child with an intellectual disability.

Naturally this movie makes me sad for various reasons. First it is devaluing the life of my son, Chase. Just because Chase has Down Syndrome does not mean that his life is less meaningful or that he nor people like himself should be ridiculed for something that they have no control over. These actors have been asked about the movie's effects on population which they have attacked and they do not seem to see anything wrong with the making of this movie or the effects that it will have. T-shirts are already being produced with "Never go full retard" on them. Young minds who see the film will be more like to spread hate speech by using the term "retard" more frequently. Those with intellectual disabilities will be targeted more and hurt emotionally or maybe physically. So to the actors this is a term they use but to those of us who have someone they love with a intellectual disability, this is something way more.

That is the background, here is the story.

Yesterday I checked out the AJC about the protests that were to happen on Wednesday, the opening day of the movie. I was appalled at some of the blog responses that followed the article. I even wrote a blog myself. I can certainly respect those who have differing opinions than myself. But, there were just so many people who continued to take senseless jabs at people with intellectual disabilities. They said hurtful things that should never have been said. They used the word "retard" like it was the funniest joke.

For awhile I felt scared and sad. Is this really how people see my son? Is this how he will be treated one day when I am not there to protect him at school or in the community? What kind of world do we live in that people would treat someone this way? They were talking about my son who gives hugs and kisses so hard that he knocks me over sometimes because he loves me that much. Someone who loves me unconditionally and is quick to forgive me if I am not at my best. How could anyone look at him and not see the wonderful person he is? How can anyone see him and spout the word "retard"?

Then in the afternoon I got my answer. I opened up an email from a former client who was interested in purchasing Christmas cards from a session she already had. In that email this client wanted to make the $35 donation to the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta. She will not get the mini- session but was so nice to make the donation from her heart. What a wonderful gesture that said so much to me.

My answer to the question, "what kind of world do we live in?" is this...
I hope we live in a world where there are ten people like the client I mentioned for everyone that spews hatred and discriminates. I hope we live in a world where people are judged on their abilities not their disabilities. I hope there are people out there who see the value in all people no matter what is different about them.

Thanks to the W. family for restoring my faith yesterday!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Thanks to the wonderful families that visited me at the Athens Maternity and Baby Fair! I had a great time meeting you all. I hope to see you soon for maternity portraits and again when your new bundle arrives. Congratulations to the C. family who won the silent auction and portrait package, I am so looking forward to seeing you soon.