Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just showin' off.

The kids have been busy doing their own thing for summer and of course they are subjected to mom's camera wherever they go. At least their childhood will be well documented.

My oldest daughter tis trying her hand at horse riding. She has ALWAYS loved animals and anyone who knows her eventually finds out how deep her love of animals is. If she is ever around you must never step on a bug. She still sadly talks about my sister who flushed a bug she found in her bathroom and this happened when Peyton was three I think. Peyton has to take "sleeping" bugs that she finds in our house outside to sleep. So, even though he has not been able to ride yet she has taken very good care of a pony at the Butterfly Dreams Farm. I can't wait to see her in the saddle!

My middle child is also at Butterfly Dreams Farm but is involved with their hippotherapy program there. We have only had two sessions but I can tell that Grayson is LOVING it. Cat Thompson and her team have made Grayson and our family feel so welcome. I know great things will come of Grayson's time at the farm with the horses and with her speech therapy there. She looks like a little peanut on that big horse. Here is a link to Butterfly Dreams Farm Theraputic Riding Program, Inc.

Chase has been up to LOTS. He has had a big thrust in his physical abilities and is now a climber. You may clap and say, "YEAH!" but wait... he is a dare devil. He scales onto the chair and then
crawls like mad to get to the EDGE. Yes, I see an accident waiting to happen. So now, I either take him everywhere I go or have Peyton babysit him while I run to another part of the house. Peyton is a very cheap and effective babysitter. I only have to pay her a popsicle, not bad.

So here are some of my favorites this week.

Do not forget to check below for vacation information as well as the on going contest. So far I have five entries so be sure to email your entry today. If I get entries while I am on vacation, I will take the first entries in to my email. If you did not enter, please check back to see the entries. They are so funny and cute!

And remember if you have friends or if you are expecting a baby in July, check out the maternity and newborn special I have listed below. I am still looking for moms and babies to photograph.


We are taking a short vacation this weekend. We will leave on Saturday and return on Tuesday, July 1. If you have any questions or concerns during that time, feel free to call me. I hope that I will have service. I will do my best to return calls needing immediate assistance as soon as possible. You are also welcome to email me and I will return your email on July 2.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Take two... and an idea....

Almost there but not quite. Stay tuned. I WILL get a photo of my three together. If not, I will just post heads on stick figure bodies and call it a sibling photo! LOL

Because I just can not get that winning photo of my children, I want you to make me feel better and show me what you go through to get a photo of your child(ren) so....

I would like to do a contest! First in Trina Riggott Photography history...(insert drum roll...)

Send me your funniest out take photo that you have while trying to take photos of your children. You know the one... you are trying so hard to get that great photo but your child will not cooperate, or maybe your child did something really funny and you were lucky enough to catch it on "film". I will accept the first ten photos submitted to my email address, Submissions end on Friday, July 4. So, don't delay... send today. Once the photos are up on the blog, the Trina Riggott Photography readers will vote for their favorite to win. The winner will receive a complimentary session and a $100 print credit to use toward desk prints, storyboards, or wall prints.

The important (but boring stuff)..
1) Photos must be emailed to by midnight July 4. I will send a reply email back letting you know that I received your entry. So, if you do hear back from me, check back to make sure I received your entry.
2 ) The readers of the blog will submit votes for their favorite entry. So, you might want to rally your friends and relatives to come and vote for their favorite (your child!). I will not be picking the winner and vote counts will be posted to let you know who is ahead.
3) Gallery Wrapped Canvas' are not included in the print credit offer. (sorry!)
4) ONE vote can be cast from each person each day. (no cheating.... I am watching you)
5) Session can be used from July 2008-October 1, 2008 and from February 1-July 31 2009. (I have to take a little break to shoot my favorite newborn (my own) from October -January ;) )

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well... I tried!

I have decided to decorate my walls and what better decorations than pictures of my kids. I rarely take portraits of my kids. I do take snapshots but never dress them and actually try to get portraits. So, while my husband had a little time we took a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Athens. I had these wonderful visions in my head of what I wanted but my kids had other plans. Grayson wanted to explore, Peyton wanted to catch bugs, and Chase... I have no idea what he wanted but it was not pictures. So we left without my dream picture but I had to share a few. My plans are to take them back one by one and try again. Maybe I can draw stick figures in Photoshop and put their heads on it for a group photo. Sigh....

Can't you just feel the excitement! LOL
Stay tuned... I will not stop until I get my picture!

Feel free to leave a comment on this post (as well as others in the blog). Let me know you feel my pain.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Calling all those with baby bellies!

I need your baby bump!

I would like to build my maternity and newborn portfolio a little more and would like to photograph women who are around 35-40 weeks pregnant and newborns who are up to three weeks old. If you know of someone, please have them contact me. or 706-247-3899. I will be offering free sessions and 50% off print pricing to those who participate. (plus, who knows what other free goodie I might toss in)

The rules:
1) The subject must be 35-40 weeks pregnant or the baby due in June or July and be under three weeks old at the time of the session.
2) Be willing to sign a model release that allows me to use your images on my website and marketing materials.

Space is limited. I only need a few sessions so please call! LOL

Thanks for those who helped me build my portfolio!