Sunday, January 27, 2008

So loved!

When I arrived at little H's house, his house we bustling with lots of family. Grandparents, aunts, and cousins, all there to support L and R and their new bundle of joy. Everyone was so in love with baby H and watch with ooo's and ahhh's as he had his first portraits made. During the two hours that I was with this family, I was amazed at how close knit they all were. Everyone was so kind and considerate of each and they took such great care of one another. This is the perfect example of family. I loved every minute that I was there. Not to mention R is originally from the Dominican Republic and her mother and sisters were making the best smelling meal. I hope your meal was the best and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.


I had the opportunity to reconnect with a classmate from High School (actually she is a year younger than I and looks just as great as she did in High School). I have not kept track with a lot of classmates so it was extra nice to see her and her family.

Meet sweeeeet little D. He was adorable with the most amazing blue eyes and the best little pout. How can you resist gobbling him up? D's mom and dad are just natural parents. They are laid back and happy. You can tell that D was born to two parents who love each other very much; therefore, he is covered in love.

I usually go through and edit a couple for a sneak peek but I just could not resist editing five or six. I narrowed my sneak peek down to four and it was hard. I can tell that I will enjoy editing these.

K and W, here is your sneak peek.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The little things...

I have not posted in awhile. I have been busy, busy, busy. I am taking a little down time to do some rearranging, upgrading, and general improving. I am looking forward to shooting this weekend when I will traveling and photographing two beautiful new baby boys. I love newborns, they are so amazing. Just the miracle of life and how someone so tiny can grow so quickly and become so independent.

Which brings me to the purpose of my blog entry.

For those who know me well, know how many tears of pride, happiness, and frustration I have shed for my youngest daughter Grayson. Well, Grayson is developing into quite a little social butterfly. Today she was invited to her first playgroup. It was with one of Grayson's favorite friends from preschool and this little girl's mom had several little girls and one boy over to play dress up and have fun. (Yes, she is a brave mommy). Playgroups may come as a natural to most children but when your child has a disability and a few limitations, being invited to a playgroup is so exciting. I was tempted to bring my camera to document it but I instead saved Grayson from that embarrassment and hung out with the mom's in the kitchen. Grayson did wonderfully and had a great time. I cried some proud tears today. It is so fun and amazing to see her interacting so naturally with children her own age. So, thanks C's mom for our invitation. We enjoyed our playtime.

Here are a few recent snaps of Grayson. I love them, messy hair and all. You can click them to see them a bit larger

In the next couple of months, I will be holding some mini sessions to make donations to two causes that are so near and dear to me, Autism Awareness and Down Syndrome Awareness. I will probably hold thirty minute mini-sessions in the park or Botanical Gardens. The session fees will then be donated to these causes. Since Autism Awareness month is April, I will probably have the sessions in late March or during April and will be having sessions for Down Syndrome Awareness in September/October. If you are interested in either of these sessions, please send me a email ( I will plan the sessions around the interest level. (Those in Greenwood, I would love to come your way as well...)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Aren't they sweet?

I had the pleasure to photograph this wonderful couple a few weeks ago for their engagement session. They were so sweet with one another and such a pleasure to work with. I am excited since this is my first engagement session AND they have asked me to photograph their wedding. I am so looking forward to their wedding date!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Isn't he sweet?

I was able to spend some time on Saturday with a new little fellow who was one month old. I had taken his mom's maternity pictures and was so happy to come meet little L. I have had a hard time trying to weed out pictures and have already proofed way too many (sorry J and B, you will have lots of choices). With a family this beautiful, how can you throw out any picture? Thank you guys for sharing a bit of your children with me. I had a great time!

At every newborn session so far I have gotten a little smile! And thankfully I got one with L.

I see you, are you out there?

UPDATE: All gift prints are accounted for. Please check back frequently to see what other goodies you could receive.

Please check on the blog frequently. I am planning some fun contests and prizes.

Today, the first five people who email me stating that they have visited the blog will get a free 8x10 from their previous session or if you have not had a session with me yet, a free 8x10 after you book a session.

Ready, set, start emailing!!!!