Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for visiting me here at my blog.

I will be using this blog to show you sneak peaks from your session and keep you up to date with what is new at Trina Riggott Photography (as well as sneaking in a few pictures of my little crew). Please check back often. You never know when there will be surprise gifts and freebies. Please share the blog with your friends. I love meeting new people.

After getting my last few orders out before Christmas, I took a little break from photography to spend time with my family and enjoy Christmas. I thought I would share a little of our Christmas morning magic.

This in in preparation for Santa. We always decorate a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve. Since a few people in my family was sick this year, my oldest daughter, my niece and I tackled it. I asked the girls to be serious in this picture. Glad they did not listen because I love it more than if they had listened.

My poor son was not feeling well on Christmas day but did give it his best effort. Mater continues to be one of his favorites.
Ok, call us suckers if you wish but I call it making a little girl's dream come true to get a horse for Christmas. Ok, we are suckers.
Don't you just love big wheels? I remember as a child barreling down big hills and spinning out on my big wheel. Maybe I should put a helmet on her when she rides next time. She takes after me in so many ways and she is very daring.

I hope you had a great Christmas as well!

Happy New Year!

I am starting the new year fully in business.

I appreciate all the families that I met during 2007 and feel honored to have met each of you and share an afternoon (or maybe two) capturing your family's memories.

I started off my year capturing newborn pictures of my very good friend's newborn. The parents were so patient with me and the baby was a dream.

Along the way I met some fabulous families who amazed me with their connections with one another and made some great friends.

I ended my year with a awsome brother and sister duo. After leaving this session I was so happy to have ended my year with these two.So thank you to all the beautiful families I have met. I look forward to working with you again in the new year and watching your children grow.

I also look forward to meeting new families and finding new places to take pictures.

Happy New Year!